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Publish, schedule and manage all of your Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google My Business, TikTok, and YouTube content through one simple dashboard.

Increase Social Engagement

Awesome features to be a rock star!

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Photo Contests

The best way to create user-generated content is by running a competition. However, it's a time-consuming process for you and you don't always get the quality of photos you're looking for. We've solved these problems with Together Social, which runs the competition for you. Our voting system will ensure that the best photos rise to the top. So when you want to use high-quality user-generated content, Together Social has you covered.

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Video Contests

Generate many customized videos in a short period of time with automated video contests. The Together Social platform handles all of the hard work for you by providing guidelines for your participants and automatically selecting a winning video based on tickets or votes. Once the videos are submitted, you’ll have your pick of the best ones to pass onto your customers. To top it off, the platform seamlessly integrates into Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, and YouTube to expand sharing potential while providing analytics along the way.

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Photo & Video Sharing

The Together Social Video Platform allows you to create your own moderated community photo & video sharing application on your website and Facebook fan page. Choose a theme that interests your target audience and run a secure, monitored user-generated video campaign to engage visitors with new content daily while creating brand loyalty and awareness.

Get Better Results


Schedule Calendar

Complete interactive marketing calendar showing scheduled and sent posts.

Advanced Analytics

Run unlimited reports with no added cost. Full reporting is provided for published messages, campaigns, share buttons, videos and organizational overview. Export any report for editing in MS Excel or output as a PDF for sharing.


Social CRM

As visitors engage with your share buttons and social campaigns, you are adding to your marketing database. View detailed social engagement and referral stats plus an activity feed with social, campaign and website actions. New contacts are automatically added to Salesforce and other CRM and email platforms.

Robust Campaigns

Improve social results with campaigns.

Unlimited Landing Pages

Our templates are designed to let you create beautiful, mobile-responsive landing pages in minutes - whether you know how to code or not. Just drag-and-drop our form builder onto your landing page and add it to your CRM, email software provider...or use our built-in email autoresponder. This is a great way to capture email newsletter signups or run content marketing download programs.

Unlimited Popups & Sticky Tab Widgets

Bringing social proof and urgency to your campaigns can increase conversions by up to 70 percent. Together Social's promotional popups are easy to install and come with a built-in design studio so you can customize them any way you want. Grow your email list with on-exit sweepstakes and testimonial opt-in forms.

Referral Sweepstakes

Watch your brand spread by word-of-mouth with our Together Social campaigns. We’ll help you create buzz around a prize drawing, increasing awareness and brand recognition. It’s a fun, easy way to gain new fans and build brand ambassadors that will share your message with their friends.

Do you need more control over your company account?

Even the largest brands have experienced debilitating social media face-plants. Put protections in place to ensure that your brand avoids embarrassment and possible regulatory action.

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User Accounts - With our Granular User Permissions feature, you can control which features each team member may access. Set each employee to read­-only or give them full access.

Publishing Approval - Have an employee who constantly makes typos? Control how and when your content is shared and implement a publishing workflow to ensure your content receives final approval before being posted.

Edit Links & Posts -  Together Social, you can edit tweets or posts after they’ve been shared, even if they’ve been retweeted or shared.

Profanity Filter - Our profanity filter will help make sure your brand stays family-friendly. 


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